Making Connections

Today we had a pop quiz in Integrated Science. I was so close to being late, that I almost missed it. Not a great start to the day. Luckily I was pretty familiar with the question on the quiz so immediately, the day started looking up. Lunch hour flew by and then I found myself sitting in Clinical Nursing I. Man was it tough to get through that class. The tiredness that came over me slightly alarmed my teacher. She came over to me during break to make sure that I was ok. I laughed and explained that I was just burnt out.

Even though I struggled to stay awake, today’s class was very interesting. We talked about the incidence of health illiteracy in America and the numbers are alarming. To illustrate just how bad it is, our teacher showed us a video on Youtube from the American College of Physicians Foundation about health literacy. This video was funny and sad at the same time. It really opened my eyes to how a simple non-health related issue such as being able to read can greatly affect a person’s health status. One mother on the clip expressed that she gives her four year old child Motrin for fever. That would be ok if she understood how administer these doses.  She expressed that she would give her child three tablespoons instead of three teaspoons because she did not know the difference.

That is a very big difference and could potentially cause very serious issues. Today was the first day that I began making real life connections to nursing. It’s not all about what Iwill see in the hospitals. Instead, it’s about using my knowledge to better my community because there is a need right there in front of my eyes.

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