Men Nan Men and Church Service

We spent the last two days with complete immersion into the Haitian culture. We started Saturday morning at Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men which is a multi-lingual school funded by Foundation For Peace in pursuit of teaching English, Spanish, French, and computer classes for less than $4 to the student. The students were quite curious and eager in asking questions about the American culture and our perspective of Haiti.


Christine (left) and Ektaa (right) conducting English classes.

Later in the afternoon, we set up a clinic in the schoolyard where we saw about 80 students. What was unique about this experience was that some of the students helped in translating; they were very ecstatic to practice speaking the English they have been learning for the past few months.

Nicole gathering patient history.

We attended a Haitian church service on Sunday morning at Pastor Valentin’s church. We were greeted by a very friendly community and participated in singing and dancing at the church that was led by only children. It was great to see how involved the children were in putting this event together.

Our leader, Helen, thanking the church members for a warm welcome.

Shortly after the service, we were guided by the Foundation For Peace staff to tour the local community. We took a bit of a scenic hike through many fields to a small village where church members live. They were living in quite unfortunate circumstances where a small hut would be home to at least 8 people. Despite their living conditions, the people of the community welcomed us with open arms.


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