Mercy Care – Day 2 Summer Immersion Trip

By Rika Win

Today I was at the Mercy Care Chamblee Clinic which serves a large Hispanic population. We began the day with a morning huddle and everyone dispersed to work on their own projects for the day. I learned about the services provided that ranged from vaccines to patient education. I saw how the scope of the RN is different in the public health setting and that a lot of clinical work is delegated to the medical assistants. We saw patients being triaged but ultimately sent the ER because the lack of resources from the clinic. One of the nurses was calling patients to check in on them in regards to their blood pressure readings for the American Heart Association BP program. The level of bilingualism the clinic maintains is very impressive and the medical staff is very competent with the limited resources available. Mercy Care Chamblee is unique and has housing services for the elderly and disabled right across the street which is pictured below. The staff make it their priority to make sure all the patients are treated with respect regardless of any socio economic or language barriers. This clinic is truly admirable for their dedication to their patients and bond they have as a staff unit.

Mercy Care Housing

PS: Mercy Care cares for EVERYONE… literally pictured as our classmate Kayla was given two stray kittens after her shift to take to the animal shelter and provide a safe home.

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