Mercy Care – Summer Immersion Trip

by Kishauna Reid

I got the chance to learn from the provider at Mercy Care-Decatur, today. I sat in on all the patient visits to the clinic. I took vitals, discussed the careplan with the provider and reinforced patient discharge teachings when they were leaving. This experience helped me to understand the challenges that come with treating a homeless patient. The homeless patient population does not always have the resources, and sometimes the education, that is needed to address their illness. They face many adversities that hinder their health, however, Mercy Care provides resources to assist patients. Additionally, I noticed that many of these patients also have mental health problems. These patients have so much trauma that they need help to overcome. Mercy Care is a comprehensive facility that provides behavioral health, dental, housing, and pharmaceutical services. Having a pharmacy in-house is beneficial for the patients because they can get their prescription refilled at zero to very low cost. Patients often wait for months before getting their prescriptions refilled because they do not have the means or motivation to refill their prescription. In providing care, the nurses must educate the patients on keeping their follow-up appointments and filling their prescription in a timely manner.   

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