Mexico Immersion Day 1

After two flights and a slight luggage fiasco, we landed safely at the airport in Mérida. Once we arrived, Victor, our community partner here, was there to welcome us into his city. He is a very friendly and charismatic individual, and he helped us to practice our Spanish while we bused over to the hotel. Dr. Mac discussed the plan for the next few days, so that we would be ready to hit the ground running.

But before we were going to run anywhere- food. We got to the hotel and quickly changed before heading out to dinner as a group. The restaurant we chose offered a variety of Mexican and Mayan dishes; one of the most grandiose being a hunk of pork ordered by our very own vegetarian, Mary. After dinner we explored the town center. The sun had just set, cooling the area down by at least 10 degrees. People suddenly emerged onto the square, and it began bustling with activity and life. Although we had just eaten, our mouths watered as we strode past vendors selling churros, street corn, and other foods. We stopped at one of Victor’s favorite ice cream places, which boasted interesting yet delicious flavors such as corn and guanabana. Overall it was a great way to kick off the trip. Can’t wait to visit Emiliano Zapato tomorrow to meet with the community leaders and get down to business!

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