MoBay Debrief

The voices in the hallway vibrated across our thin hotel door. My eyes slowly opened as the sunlight slowly pierced through our curtains. It is remarkable to think that only 1 week ago, 18 strangers stepped on this island not fully knowing what this trip entailed. Now, on our final night, we laughed and reflected on our memories together over a delicious meal by the ocean side.

It amazed me how passionate this team was in order to serve the Jamaican community. During our last debrief, we shared our experiences of this trip and I witnessed the impacts that this beautiful country and its people had on each of us. In our last blog, we shared the humans of Montego Bay and today, I wanted to share the humans of Emory Nursing.

Alex (BSN ’17)


“I really admired the teen girls and moms. They were so brave and strong even through everything. The moms cared about their children so much. They were so willing to open up. The strength of the women here was so amazing.”

Ivey (ABSN ’17)


“One of the things that struck me about this whole trip was the schedule. We were only going to be at places for like two hours. However, once I was on the trip, we ended up learning about ourselves. It affirmed why I wanted to be a nurse. I coach soccer and when I heard Madam Chief talk about the head, the hands, and the heart, it resonated to me. Everything is heart.”

Blair (BSN ’17)


“My favorite part of this trip was the hospice because it was the population I was created to serve. I also really enjoyed the rural part when we talked about the prostate. We were out in the middle of no where and we were able to serve the population. I saw the impact of nursing.”

Dria (ABSN ’17)


“From this trip, I think it is also important that we think about the stereotypes we had when we came in. We had experiences we never had before. It is really important to look within ourselves, to see our own hidden stereotypes, and to look at what we have learned. We need to constantly keep asking ourselves these questions”

Fielding (BSN ’17)


“Montego Bay has given me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and explore a part of nursing that I do not typically engage myself in. It has been gratifying to work with all ages, genders, and cultures knowing that we have left a lasting impact on these people, as they have done the same for me.”

Meghan (ABSN ’17)


“During counseling with the community, I was trying to tell a man the difference between brown and white rice. The man was like ‘Whaaaaat.’ He was really fascinated and intrigued by the whole thing. It was amazing that people took away what I taught them.”

Nicole (BSN ’17)


“I started crying because there was so much at the hospice we couldn’t do. However, we connected on a spiritual and relational level. This is a reminder that we can do more. It is more than treating. We can give hope and encouragement to others.”

Sarah (ABSN ’17)


“They are so innovative. Everyone we talked to was so passionate. There are definitely a lot of things we can take away from them. Meeting Madam Chief Byfield was also a powerful experience and we were all inspired by her strong words.”

Jackie (BSN ’17)


“One thing I learned from this trip is a new definition of rich. We come from a very rich country but Jamaica is rich in a different way. They are rich in their love. They don’t have a lot, but they are willing to share. Seeing how thankful they are, I was blown away. I never expected to be embraced by Jamaica as we have been.”

Elianne (ABSN ’17)


“I loved seeing all of us being so flexible. It has motivated me. This has been such a new population, but we have been able to do it. While overhearing the conversations and watching us work with our situations, it really has motivated me to learn more and not rely on only conventional medicine. To think outside the box.”

Remi (BSN ’17)


“I learned about everyone on my team, about myself, and about Jamaica. It was eye opening and we take a lot of things for granted. I also learned that I had leadership skills that I didn’t know I had.”

Candice (ABSN ’17)


“The trip has been wonderful. I have been amazed by family and community, the presence of God in Jamaica. Even with the hardest problems, they still keep a good sense of peace.”

Sophia (AMSN ’18)


“My most significant experience was at the orphanage. A boy crawled over and propped himself next to me and hugged my leg. It is so touching to see the infants and and their love.”

Fauziya (BSN ’17)


“A lady we saw had a blood pressure of 190/100 and we had to tell her daughter to have her mother seek medical care. Her daughter responded that she usually has that. It frustrated me that her mother was suffering from this elevated blood pressure, but there was nothing we could do. But working with such a vulnerable population makes it a more rewarding impact. It has really been a humbling experience.”

Lisa (ABSN ’17)


“Witnessing the passion and dedication of everyone on this team has been inspiring. Everyone was so willing to step and it encouraged me to step up myself.”

Elizabeth (BSN ’17)


“The experience puts things in perspective and makes you appreciate what you have. I really enjoyed our nursing and just our general life skills. Being able to assess situations by being group leaders and meeting people at where they are at.”

Dr. Horigan


“Sometimes, we lose the head and the heart. We need to step it up and be proud of who we are. It is not just a job. There are no half points because there are no half lives.”

Dr. Muirhead


“Building a team is so important. As long as we impact one life, that is enough. It is not about us. It is about the service.”

Thank you Emory and Jamaica for this amazing experience.


“I never thought I would bond with a team over milk of magnesia” -Ivey

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