Montego Bay – Day 4

Today was clinic day!  Our group ran a health clinic at the New Testament Church of God in Montego Bay; we were able to screen 118 members of the community for BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose, and vision.  After each participant was screened, they received individual counselling on their results.

Many of our participants were anxious to have themselves tested. They were worried about their health and concerned about what their results would mean.  Many of them had elevated BMI’s, blood sugars, and blood pressures, and therefore, had cause for concern.  Counselling provided these patients a chance to strategize about how they could change their patterns in order to improve their health.  Many were receptive, but some were not.

Something that struck me today was that, as nurses, there is only so much we can do for our patients.  We can give them all the information we have, we can help them plan changes in their health behaviors, we can encourage them to make those changes, but they have to actually make the adjustments for themselves.  It was difficult to watch patients leave knowing they probably wouldn’t make any modifications and their health would continue to suffer.  On the other hand, it was extremely rewarding to teach patients health strategies, knowing they likely would make those adjustments and benefit their overall health in the long-term.

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