Moulin Sur Mer and Tabarre

After seeing hundreds of patients this week, we spent our day off with some R&R at Moulin Sur Mer. It was a beautiful beach with clear, blue waters and soft waves. Later that evening, the Foundation For Peace organized a Creole class to help us better communicate with the patients we were seeing.

Relaxing and bonding at Moulin Sur Mer

The patient population we saw that day was quite different from those earlier in the week. They were more educated and some even spoke English. The kids were more playful and eager to ask questions. A lot of the care we provided was surrounded around patient education and prophylactic treatment.

Joya discussing adolescent growth

The day was filled with a great amount of teamwork as the Pastor of the church, Pastor Valentin, was present the whole day to keep things organized. Pastor Valentin’s sister, who is a NICU nurse in Haiti, was also present to help triage and assess vital signs.

Our amazing team for the day

We were fortunate to work on a team with many hard workers that came together to provide optimal patient outcomes!

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