Moultrie experience broadens horizons for nursing students

Judith Wold is the Distinguished Professor for Educational Leadership at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University, an American Nursing Education Fellow of the NLN, and a Fellow of the American Academy of nursing. She directs the annual Farm Worker Family Health Program (FWFHP) for Emory’s Lillian Carter Center for Global Health & Social Responsibility.















By Colleen Closson

As our time at Moultrie ended, we were surprised by how quickly time had flown by. It felt like just yesterday we had carried our belongings into the Hampton Inn, uncertain of what awaited us. This immersion gave us incredible insight into the daily life of a migrant farmworker. During our class prior to our departure, we learned how hard it was to collect data on the migrant farmworker population because they are a population that is constantly moving, going wherever produce needs to be harvested. We feel so privileged to have been a part of a solution for migrant farmworkers’ healthcare needs. It was saddening to see the needs that farmworkers had that had been neglected for so long due to limited access to healthcare. It is incredible what simple interventions, such as a blood pressure screening, can provide so that people are aware of their risks and educated accordingly.

As we move forward, we are considering how best to apply the tenets of public health to our own practice. Public health, of course, is necessary regardless of where you are, and so many of the chronic health issues that we see can be remedied through public health interventions, such as screenings and education.

We cannot overstate how grateful we are for this opportunity. Without the support of the Lillian Carter Center, Ellenton Health Clinic, and the willingness of the farmworkers to work with us, we would not have been able to see and learn so much in just two short weeks. There is no doubt that our time in Moultrie will significantly impact our future nursing practice.

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