Not-So-Cynical Clinical

You know how I know nursing is the profession for me? Because I was excited about waking up at 5 AM and heading to the hospital by 6:15 even though I’m as far from the description of a “morning person” as anybody can be. But, I got up while the rest of the earth was sound asleep, put on my scrubs, packed up my leftovers and headed out to greet the dark chilly morning with my roommate as we headed to Emory Midtown for our first clinical rotation…ever. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect—I had never been to this hospital before. But, I have been to the Shakespeare Tavern which is right across the street. Definitely not the same thing though. When we arrived we parked on…Floor F…of the parking deck next to the Emergency Room, assured that we had 100% not gotten lost or turned around the entire drive over. I met my group in the cafeteria next to the big wall with a clichéd fruit mural on it. We talked for a few minutes and introduced ourselves. Everybody in my group was really nice, and even if everybody in my group wasn’t nice, I’d still say they were for blogging purposes. We finally found out what the ominous Unit 21 translates to: Second Floor Medical Surgical Unit. So, we tour. And we stick out like matching navy blue sore thumbs. I thought that the nurses would be nicer, or more excited that we were there, I guess. But they weren’t. I think we all kind of got the vibe that we were an annoyance. Maybe that’s just because they were understaffed that day. I’m sure they are all very nice ladies.
I definitely got broken in to nursing quickly. During my time to shadow the RN, I got to enter both Contact Precaution rooms, set up a blood transfusion, and…I saw an indwelling urinary catheter be removed. All of it was very interesting. I was not scared away from the nursing profession, which is a good thing. Then after lunch the group went on a scavenger hunt around the hospital. We had an hour to find like…50 things, all over the hospital. Most of them were pretty easy. I think we will all agree that finding the morgue was the most difficult, and most creepy. There was an autopsy in progress when we found it. I kind of wish we could have gone in. Key words: Kind of.
Overall it was a great day, and I really think that each week will bring something greater. We are getting to meet our patients next week. That will be interesting and I hope that goes well for all of us.

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