NSNA Think Tank

We couldn’t live without P01 for too long without finding our very own NSNA Convention P01—The North Ballroom! Acquainted to a large room with no windows, reviewing electrolytes makes us feel right at home in our early morning, four-hour NCLEX review course—just on a grander scale. We spent the morning learning the tricks of the trade so we can all be successful on our ominous boards just a short two months away.

The most important aspect of NSNA is the House of Delegates, in which amendments and resolutions are debated. The deliberation got heated as votes were almost split down the middle. It set the tone for a controversial, yet interesting debate that is to come for the remainder of the convention. During the House of Delegates, it was so exciting that our school received a special shout out for having the most pre-registered students out of thousands of schools at the convention. You can bet we cheered for the school that we are so proud to represent here in Phoenix!

While we spend 90% of our time in P01 at the school, the same holds true for the convention. We ventured away from the North Ballroom to an upstairs, beautiful ballroom where we heard an inspiring speech from the keynote speaker, Dr. Gerri Lamb from Arizona State University, at the opening ceremony. Dr. Lamb spoke about all the opportunities that lie ahead in such a significant time in nursing and healthcare. Since Emory was re-certified as a Stellar School this year, we not only got to sit in a special, let’s call it VIP section, but we also were recognized in front of the entire convention at the opening ceremony. It was a good day to be an Emory University nursing student!












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