Nursing school tips

Nursing school is all about time management. There needs to be time to learn, study and have fun!

I have realized that the best way to prepare yourself for nursing school is to have a planner or calendar where you can put all assignments, exams and events. This helps with staying on top of things once the semester starts to become hectic. Ensure that you incorporate time for what you love most such as family, friends and pets. This definitely helps ease the stress levels.

Also making or joining a study group is helpful, by keeping each other on track and making new friends. There are also clubs and organizations, such as Admission Ambassadors. You can join this and represent the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, by assisting with alumni events, open houses, tours, etc.

There are elective courses such as Research Residency that is a great way to stay involved with upcoming research, and interacting with Professors. I had the opportunity of working with Dr. Yvonne Commodore-Mensah on her Afro Cardio Metabolic Study, which focused on African immigrant health in the Atlanta metropolitan area. It was an amazing experience, I participated during the spring and summer semester. I was able to get CITI certification, learn how to operate RedCAp database, enter data and collect data from the volunteers.

Nurses are well rounded individuals and nursing school prepares us to manage multiple task at any given time.

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