I understand now why they stressed to us how important it is to make time for ourselves. It’s so easy to become so wrapped up in all the things you have to do that before you know it, five weeks have gone by and you have not done anything other than eat, sleep, and study.

That’s not exactly what’s happening to me, but I still feel like I’m running on a quarter tank. Yes I have been able to find small moments to just relax every now and then, however with the continuous demands on my brain I have become overloaded. This is especially unsettling considering the fact that in the coming two weeks we have two tests, two skills check-offs and will be starting our clinical rotations. I am trying to figure how I can give myself some much needed down time for my brain while still preparing for my exams on Monday and Tuesday.

Taking a break and preparing at the same time is sort of oxymoronic. They contradict each other, but as a nursing student I feel that it’s just something we must learn to master. I’ve decided to take a day for me. I am not going to do any activities, not even the ones I like to do because my mind and body need to rest. Once I get so bored lying around with nothing to do, I will be compelled to open a book and continue studying. In my mind it’s a great plan but I’ll have to try it first and then evaluate its effectiveness.

Regardless of all the things that I have to do, I can’t deny that I am still excited to be here. It’s hard to get bored because something is new every week. There’s always something to look forward to. Right now, I am looking forward to being in the hospital and learning injections in skills lab. Doing these things makes it clear to me that I am going to be a nurse. It’s not even going to be very long from now. I’m surprised at how much I’ve learned and changed in just the short time since school has started. Even though I am so appreciative of where I am, what I’m learning and I’m eager for what’s to come, I can’t wait for Fall break!

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