We complain about hospital food.  The Dominicans have to bring their own.

We wish maternity units had birthing tubs.  The public hospitals here have no running water.

We complain about lines in the bathroom.  Several wards have to share the same single bathroom (that lacks running water—even in the postpartum ward).

We’re annoyed when the nurse doesn’t promptly tend to the call button.  Most women are barely seen postpartum.

We complain about three hour waits in the emergency department.  Some women in labor ride up to three hours on the back of a moped to the hospital.

We’re annoyed when the doctor doesn’t return our call.  Many Dominicans can’t afford to make a phone call.

We often lament the things that we lack.  The Dominicans celebrate their riches.

We are constantly rushing to tomorrow.  The Dominicans stop to enjoy today.

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