Round 2 of the Journey…..Relaxed and Refreshed!

WOW! A relaxing weekend at St.. Simons Island what a perfect way to end an amazing and exhausting week by sleeping in, lounging on the beach and eating delicious seafood. It has refueled and recharged my mind, body and spirit and prepared me for round 2 of my MFWHP journey.

The first week was emotional, rewarding and humbling to say the least. The multi-disciplinary team provided much needed and well deserved care and services to approximately 250 migrant farmworkers from various farms throughout the past week. I can’t believe as a team we accomplished so much in what seemed like so little time. This is a true testament of what can happen when people unity for a common cause. It is this commitment, dedication and hard work that makes me proud to be an Emory Nursing student. 🙂

As I gear up for the week ahead I look forward to the smiling faces of the children at Cox Elementary School and the Men on the farms who always say “thank you” as their services are complete in which I eagerly reply “your welcome” and return the smile!!

Stay tuned in for further updates and I promise pictures are coming.

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  1. Traci says:

    SO proud of you! It’s such a blessing to be able to bless others. Keep up the good work this week!! I’m sure God is just preparing you for the next excursion… to help somebody else!! See ya soon!!


  2. Joanne B says:

    I am so excited for you all going to Moultrie. The experiences that you will gain and the impact that you leave on the lives of those down there will remain in your heart forever. Cannot wait to see the pictures and hear all the wonderful stories that you will tell us upon your arrival back at Emory. I am so proud of you all and your dedicated service to those in underpriveledge areas. WHOOO HOOO!!!!! GO EMORY!!!! 🙂

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