Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!…..! Everybody!

Injection Validation. Need I say more? Yes, but only because this is a blog entry. My time was scheduled for 9:30. I left my house at the time I usually do for my 9:30 (which got changed to 7:30) lab, but traffic was HORRIBLE. I always get there 15 minutes early, but today I barely got there with 5 to spare. (And of course we were told to be there 15 minutes early.) But I don’t think my tardiness really mattered, as everyone in both 9:30 groups were waiting outside the rooms, with no instructors in sight. We went in the tiny little exam rooms when it was time for the validation. I don’t know why I was getting nervous. Oh wait, yes I do, because I was about to give a shot…a real shot…to a real person. So we all stumbled our way through preparing the syringes. That was great. Then the time to administer arrived. I got to watch first and the first round went great. Then it was my turn to play patient. I got a little nervous because I just kept remembering the last time I got my immunizations I passed out. Ended up on the floor and everything. I don’t know why I did, I had never had a problem with shots before that and had never gotten nauseous or nervous because of them ever in my whole entire life. So of course today I was a little hesitant about being someone’s injection guinea pig. But my partner did a great job. But, I jumped when she injected the needle. It didn’t hurt, I just felt the syringe hit my skin after the needle went in and I guess I wasn’t expecting that. So I bled a little bit. I think I did a good job when I did mine. I just need to push a little harder on initial impact. But I got it! Subcutaneous weren’t that bad. I have never had a subQ injection before and neither had either of my partners so we all had our first experiences together. It stung a little. But I lived. We all did. And we passed. Gold stars for everyone! So now we get to look forward to giving FLU SHOTS to real people in a couple of weeks. I’m nervous about that too. But I think if we just smile and say “yes I have done this before,” to anyone that asks, we will be fine.

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