Stop Being So Testy

Test 1: Graded. Test 2: Taken. Test 3: Complete. Yay! I think we can all attest to how nice it feels to just be able to go home after classes today and unwind a little bit. I know I will be for sure. For the past two weekends, I feel like it’s pretty safe to say that all most of us were doing was frantically trying to figure out how the heck to study for these first exams—what to study, how much of it to study, which test to study most for…you know, the same things that happen every year. But even though we’ve cleared the first wave, I still feel like a lot of us are in the dark. Maybe it’s just because we’ve never taken tests that are so…open to interpretation? I think that is the overall evaluation of the tests we have taken this week. It’s like…no one knows how to feel. I know I’m in that boat. I feel pretty confident, but still, sometimes it’s just hard to stop thinking about it, and wishing you had a rewind button.
I think our pharmacology exam was the “easiest.” Not because of the material per se, but I think it’s because we either know it…or we don’t. And there are no guesses about it. In my opinion Pharmacology is the most difficult class we have, but at the same time it is the most cut-and-dry when exam time rolls around. I have found, though, that I am really enjoying all of the classes we are taking this semester. I guess this is a good sign since I’m going to school to be a nurse, and all of the classes are nursing related. So, gold star for me. I think after taking the first batch of exams we have a much better understanding of the course and a better grasp of it as well. I think when the next test rolls around I will be able to feel better prepared, just because I will know what to expect. So, I hope everyone is happy with the way this week’s exams turned out, and also with the grades we got for Integrated Science. Hopefully everyone can take that much needed tiny little break I mentioned earlier. We did it!

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