A couple of days ago the seniors had a small showcase on the plaza level. The purpose was to prepare them for things they needed for graduation. They even had a sign that read “Congratulations Graduates!”. That whole thing got me thining. In exactly one year, that sign will be up for me. How surreal is that!

Nursing school feels like it has just begun and already I am thinking about gradutation. We have only one more clinical rotation after this semester before we start role transition. What?? It seems crazy. Will we really be prepared enough to begin role transition in just one and a half semesters? Right now, even though I am doing a lot more and using my nursing knowlege almost without thinking about it, I still feel like I know nothing. And I’m sure in the grand scheme of things, that is absolutley true. Yet, the faculty is confident that I will know enough to enter the workfork as a licensed registered nurse in just one short year.

Seeing the seniors prepare for graduation really put things into persecptive for me. Soon enough I will no longer be an Emory student. I need to take advanatge of it while I can. There are so many things offered here outside of just the Nursing School that I have yet to participate in. I haven’t even walked past the science library since our tour during orientation. With all the studying we have to do, it’s easy to forget about our surroundings. I plan to make some time to become a part of the university as a whole before I leave this place. I don’t want to miss my chance!

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