The End! Temporarily…

Well folks, the time has finally come. The end of the semester is here!! I can say I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel…for a couple of miles until the next tunnel comes along anyways. But, hey I’ll take it. I am so proud of myself and of my fellow juniors. We have learned and done so much in just a few short months that it is unbelievable. I love knowing about medications and knowing so many skills that my family gets to be guinea pigs for. We only have one final left and I know we will all do great on it!..hopefully. It’s only Thursday and my brain is already mush. But anyways, this semester has been so awesome. I really feel like I am going to love being a nurse and helping the sick and those in need. Believe it or not, I really thought Professional Development was a very beneficial class for us to take. The papers we had to write really taught me a lot about my views and understanding of nursing, and how I am beginning to incorporate my own views into it as well. I thought the service learning projects were awesome. During the presentations on Monday, it really seemed to be like everybody had a really great experience at their locations and the impacts made were double-sided: the experiences left an impact on our “students” as well as on us. I know being at the Gateway Center really has stuck with me. I hope that I can go back and help there again someday. Meeting people who are less fortunate than we are, but sometimes with much brighter spirits than we have, is always so humbling and it is such a blessing to meet them every once in a while so I can be reminded of how fortunate my life is. I hope everyone has a wonderful winter break and we will be ready to rock Spring semester when we come back!

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