The Start of Something (Else) New

The first day of clinical started out pretty bad, to say the least. It takes about a 5 minute drive from my house to get to the hospital. I made sure to leave early so that I would have time to find my way and eat a little breakfast before we started. After arriving 20 minutes early, I could not find the parking lot and ended up being 26 minutes late! That was even more frustrating because I had driven past the lot five times before I found it. Even though I was not only angry at myself but also embarrassed, I brushed it off quickly. I did not want my attitude to take away from what I was about to experience that day.

We took in a truck load of information that day. I was sure if I tilted my head the wrong way, some information was sure to spill out of my ears. It was pretty overwhelming. I know that I’ll be able to do it and do it well since so many others have done so before me, however, if it wasn’t clear before that my social life is out of the window, it is now. Our overall workload pretty much doubled in one day.

I was happy to get in the hospital. Having an orientation day really helped to ease my anxiety about it. Everyone from the nurses to the patients seemed so friendly. I assumed that a patient who is sick and in the hospital can only muster up a friendly face if he is being treated well. I was assured of that by a wonderful woman I had the pleasure of speaking to. Everyone is concerned with helping the nursing students to learn and to excel at nursing. On our first day a tech gave us the opportunity to do some of her vital signs. She trusted us enough to do it on our own. I believe I am going to love clinical and I will learn a lot.

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