The Start of Something New and Exciting

The past month has been a whirlwind, to say the least. As we all know, nursing school began nearly four weeks ago, on August 29, and since then life has not slowed down.

Summer of 2012 was fantastic: nearly four whole months of no school and being able to just take that time and relax after an incredibly stressful third year of college was just the thing I had been looking forward to since about March. I was able to spend lots of time with my absolutely wonderful fiancé, time that I would miss greatly after I left for school in Atlanta while he finishes his final year at Berry College in Rome, GA. I had a great job, I went on the best vacation of my life, and was just able to enjoy the slow pace of each passing hot summer day.

After a while though, August 22 began to sneak up on me pretty fast. This marked the soft beginning of nursing school (the abrupt, hard beginning would follow a week later). We learned so much information in those three incredibly long days of orientation that I, along with many other students, was beginning to feel incredibly overwhelmed before even cracking the untouched spine of a shrink-wrapped nursing textbook. We learned on the last day of the program that we would have plenty to be done by the first day of classes the following Wednesday. The assignments before school even started didn’t scare me away, but rather gave me that “Bring-It-On” attitude towards tackling the challenges that were about to be sent my way.

8:00 AM came early that Wednesday morning. My first class is at 10:00, and the traffic situation is something that I am still trying to navigate through. I’m from Canton, GA and there is never any traffic like this back home. And, people actually wave to you and don’t drive like maniacs, so this is a totally new situation for me. But, I’m adapting. My roommates and I left at 9:15, which proved to be way to early even with traffic. But, punctuality is a good first day of school quality to possess I suppose. I guess it was a typical first day, bumming through the syllabus then beginning to learn things that professors view as “review material.” It was a lot of fun though, and I really enjoyed it. I had Integrated Science and Clinical Nursing on that day, and I could already tell Integrated Science was going to be a trip: a trip in the sense that I would be finding myself getting tripped up many times along the way. But, I was just going to have to deal with it and figure out a way to keep my head above the water. And I had the confidence that I could do it.

There were so many papers to print out! And there are still…so many papers to print out. Since I did not have a place to put them as I had not gotten all of my school supplies yet, that was really stressing me out. I like to be organized and, although sometimes I’m really not very good at it, I’m trying really hard to stay on top of that this year. It’s one of my “grown up school” goals. So after the first week once I was able to breathe for a couple minutes, I organized my stuff. I got my binder, my paper, and my multi-subject notebook, spent a good amount of time hole punching powerpoints and syllabi, and put everything in its proper place. You’d be surprised at how much better that can make you feel. And I think the best part of that, and maybe the silliest part too, is that I finally got a 2012 planner and a pack of eight multicolored pens I was planning to use for writing in it.

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