Time Flies When You’re Having…Tests

You know, usually around October 1st the semester begins to fly by, for me anyways. And then, around the middle of that month I start thinking, “where has time gone?!?!” Everything starts to whiz by before I really even have time to notice it was there, and all my tests and quizzes and assignments are all due at once and then it’s over and then…finals roll around and the semester is over. But not this time. This time, my first semester of nursing school seemed to drag on forever. And, I feel like I’m the only person who feels this way: everyone else said it was flying by. Now usually when something drags on and on, it’s because it isn’t enjoyable. But that’s the thing: nursing school IS enjoyable to me, very enjoyable, which is why I found it so strange that the first 2 months (plus 3 days of August) seemed to just stop. I still noticed that everything hit at one time: we went through this phase of having literally ALL of our tests one right after the other. It was terrible, but my classmates and I survived. I think that’s what made it go by so slowly, for me. The worst of it just didn’t seem like it wanted to go away: test after test, week after week, night of little sleep after night of little sleep. But now it’s November, and holy cow, I’m saying “where did time go??!” I can’t believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving. I haven’t even had time to get excited for it yet! I love Thanksgiving, so I’m not happy it has snuck up on me so fast, but I have a week to get prepped. And, my birthday is the day after. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the test tunnel vortex we were trapped in for so many weeks, and I think that’s why time has suddenly sped up. We have a paper due Friday and a test on Monday, but then we are home free (sorta) to go celebrate this wonderful holiday with our families, and then we only have 3 semesters of nursing school left. Eeek!!

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