Transition into Spring Semester

1st Blog of the semester!

1st things first: This semester is extremely busy-compared to Fall semester. The concepts in the classes are not that difficult, the work is just time consuming. This semester’s schedule is: Evidence Based Practice, Core Concepts, Clinical Nursing: Developing Families, and Integrated Science II. This is the hardest part of the semester (beginning), getting used to everything and trying to figure out what the professors want and how they want it done. The first test is the worst but then you are able to gauge what their teaching objectives are and then you are able to inflatable bouncer figure out how to study for that.

Integrated Science II is alot more easy for most of us. The first test of this course is on Monday, Feb. 6th. After studying all weekend… I think that this test will not be that bad… there is just alot to remember but not hard topics. The topics revolve around the Reproductive system.

Clinicals: I love my clinical site: Northside Hopsital: Women’s Center. It is an amazing opportunity for me to be apart of such an amazing hospital. We were told that Northside is #1 in the nation for delivery. That is astounding. My dreams after graduation would be something involving babies and their mommas. I would love to be a midwife or a pediatric nurse practitioner so this is the place to be. They are rotating us around the whole women’s center… next week I’ll be at the Special Care Nursery (NICCU). On the post partum floor that I have been on is very fun and interactive with the moms and babies. I have done some changing of diapers and feeding sweet newborns… some not even a day old. We have to do a head to toe assessment on the moms and babies, which is a great learning opportunity. I will be in my maternity rotation for 7 weeks then I go to my Peds rotation, which is at Egolsten (CHOA). Very excited to be working with kids and their families.

I have spoken with some of my fellow classmates that are in the Maturing Families Clinical class and they think that it is very interesting. Most of them that are in that rotation, really want to be in those fields when they graduate. Many of my friends are in the psyc. rotation and they are so interested in doing that when they graduate. I think that is great.

I’m very excited about this semester. I think that it will be easier for me because  maternity and peds are the fields that i’m strongly interested in and that makes learning about them more easy and fun.

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