Vamos a la Playa

Today was our day to go to the beach! It would have been wrong to spend so much time in this beautiful country and not experience the beaches. We took a ~2 hour bus ride to Playa Grande, and we had a great day relaxing, getting to know each other, and seeing why the tourist industry thrives in the DR. We had local food on the beach- most of us had local fish, rice, and fried plantains. It was delicious. Then we also had “pina coladas”, which were actually entire pineapples scooped out and crushed up with ice and some coconut. They were quite a treat as well! It truly was a perfect beach and a perfect day.

Tomorrow, we begin our real work with the local nursing students visiting the homes of the mothers involved in kangaroo care. We will ask each mother some questions about their child’s development, as well as take measurements of the children to further assess their growth. We are all excited to begin our work and look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress!


Kathleen and Catharine and the tanned (and slightly sunburned) Emory DR team

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