Week One in Moultrie!

The first week in Moultrie for the Migrant Farmworker Health Program (MFWHP) has come to an end.  The best words that I could use to describe this experience thus far, is incredibly enriching.  It is truly incredible to see different interdisciplinary professions working together with the common goal of providing the best care for this vulnerable population.  There were students from UGA School of Pharmacy, Georgia State Physical Therapy, Darton College Dental Hygiene, and Emory University School of Nursing BSN and Nurse Practitioner students providing care this week.


We began each day at Cox Elementary School doing basic screenings for the children.  This entailed height/weight/BMI, hemoglobin, glucose, hearing, vision, dental exams, physical therapy, and a visit with a nurse practitioner.  Spending time with these students each day has not only providing learning experiences but also opened our hearts and eyes to the disparities young children in this area face.

The entire group for week one

Each night, we traveled to different farms throughout the Moultrie area. Some of the camps consisted of barrack living arrangements with no air conditioning. Others, like the H2A camps (which are government owned) were more suitable with air condition, enclosed showers and bathrooms, and generally more sanitary living conditions. During the night camps, we set up multiple stations for basic screenings: blood pressure, height/weight/BMI, foot care, and hemoglobin and glucose checks. The workers would then get dental exams, physical therapy, a visit with a nurse practitioner, and pharmaceutical care if needed.  My personal favorite to work was foot care. There is not a more humbling experience than to provide a simple service, like foot washing, to someone who may have never or will never experience it.  I am absolutely loving this experience and I am so grateful for this opportunity to provide care in a migrant health setting.


We have the weekend off, so most of our BSN class in this program headed to St. Simons Island for some rest and relaxation before gearing up for the second week in Moultrie!

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