West Virginia Summer Immersion Site

by Jean Harrell

Sunday, June 9, 2019

I started the day preparing to travel to Charleston, West Virginia.  My flight was scheduled to leave Hartsfield-Jackson Airport at 2:56 pm.  I took MARTA to the airport.  When I arrived, it was packed with travelers.  Because of the rain so of the travel apps were down, which caused travelers to have to check in at the Delta baggage drop sites.  This process took over an hour.  After getting the boarding pass, headed through security.  Again, the lines were extra-long.  Finally, arrived at the departure gates.  Notices that a lot of people were delayed due to the weather.  My flight was delay one hours.  I didn’t get to leave Atlanta until 3:59 PM.  Thankfully, the flight time was only 50 minutes.  Carolyn Clevenger met me at the airport.  We then travel to Fayetteville, West Virginia, where we were going to be staying.  We met the six nursing students at a restaurant called Pies and Pints.  An Emory alum, Sarah Hansen and the Education Director, Amber Crist, both live in West Virginia, joined us for dinner.  Amber Crist talked about the facilities the student were going to working in for these two weeks.  Sarah prepared the work schedule for each nurse.  Dinner ended about 8:55 pm, we all headed to the housing location.  It was late, everyone retired to their sleeping quarters.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Students rose early to prepare for their day away from the house.  Each student prepared their lunch to take with them.  Amber Crist, the Education Director had informed the nurses, that there was not a lot of places to get lunch in the area, so it was best to bring it with them.  While the students were away working at the clinics, Carolyn and I went shopping to stock the house with food and items the students would need during their two week stay.  Fayetteville is not a large town, but we did find a Wal-mart that had most of the  food items the student’s requested.  It’s still raining in Fayetteville; internet still not accessible.  Each student were charged with choosing a night to cook dinner.   When the students arrived back to the house from their assignments, they sat down to eat dinner together.  During dinner the student’s expressed how much they appreciated being able to meet with patients at the clinics.  This was primary care they were glad to be experiencing with real patients.  When the students finished their dinner, Carolyn Clevenger conducted a debriefing with each student about their day at each clinic site.  Every student reported.  Some saw lots of patients that day, and some saw a few.  The students appeared to feel very confident about how they handled themselves at the sites.  As I listened, I was impressed with what the students knew about the conditions the patients had.  The students also wanted to blog tonight, but the internet connection was not cooperating. More to come tomorrow!

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