West Virginia- Summer Immersion Trip

By Kate Yuhas

We are now in week two of our immersion trip! It has been a wonderful experience learning from all of the providers about the healthcare system in West Virginia. This area of the US has been struck by many health, economic, and educational disadvantages and disparities. Two of their main health issues are related to opioids and black lung, which is a disease caused by coal mining. We have been rotating through several clinical sites in the area and many of us have been lucky enough to see pulmonary rehab and MAT (medication assisted treatment) sessions. We’ve collaborated with doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, social workers, respiratory therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and pharmacists.

Today, we were lucky enough to attend an “all provider meeting” for Cabin Creek Health. This meeting happens every quarter and each meeting has a theme. Today’s topic was children and adolescents. We heard from a variety of speakers about periods as a vital sign, juuling in schools, and long term reversible contraception. This was a great time to get all of the providers together to discuss some difficult topics and ask the experts questions. 

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with these clinics. They are run so smoothly and all of the staff members are really motivated and invested in helping the patients. Despite facing several challenges, they have found creative ways to really make a difference in these peoples’ lives. This happens by creating ways to help them take their medications and educating them on lifestyle changes. This has been an incredible learning experience and I’m very grateful I was able to experience Cabin Creek.

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